The aim of IJAIST is to subsidize onrushing knowledge in various research fields with erudition, hence to elevate high trait research More


We will nurture universal gen to set with merit, which exemplify IJAIST as one of the leading global source for scientific research organization More


We consign to Endorse fineness for journal publications of the member bodies, Serve as a medium for broadcast and converse of scientific knowledge More

Call for papers


IJAIST inviting papers for volume-6, issues-11
Editorial board of IJAIST
Dr. Bensafi Abd-El-Hamid
Dr. Bensafi Abd-El-Hamid Associate Professor
Prof. Donald H. Kraft
Prof. Donald H. Kraft Educator
Dr. Dina Maizana
Dr. Dina Maizana Senior Lecturer
Prof. Mohamed El Tokhi
Prof. Mohamed El Tokhi Geochemistry / Petrology
Prof.Farid Ghani
Prof.Farid Ghani Professor
Prof. Christos Bouras
Prof. Christos Bouras Professor
Prof.Zenghui Wang
Prof.Zenghui Wang Associate professor
Dr.Lai Khin Wee
Dr.Lai Khin Wee Senior Researcher